Sunday, June 18, 2023

:: R e s u m p t i o n ...

In a move that is both long-needed and yet antithetical, I have nearly completed the process of carving out my various interests into disparate yet univocal presences online. I have several reasons for this, but primarily I find it much easier to separate out my thoughts and feelings if they aren't constantly digitally colliding with each other.

This space will serve as a place to centrally store all of my more surreal and sublime artistic endeavors. Anything related to my professional work or more thematic interests (e.g., Warhammer) will not be shared here, unless referred to in passing posts because of some catalyst they may have provided to a project or thought process related to these works.

Blog posts on this particular page will likely be rare, and when they do happen I imagine they will be either supremely short or unbearably long.

That's all for now. Newer dusks and dawns will see the expansion of this shallow sinkhole of my stranger thoughts.