When I initially set up my various blogs and profiles, I had done so with the lofty goal of uniting all my disparate identities under one name, one set of profiles, one brand. This was a high-visibility mile marker in my progress toward self-integration, toward an abandoning of a previous, paranoid approach to internal and external segmentation of the self.

That time had its cycle, its astronomical period of rotations and revolutions, but we must always be willing, at all times, to examine ourselves and discard that which no longer services who we are and who we need to become. I had successfully integrated my past personalities into one whole—albeit still damaged—self. The time for hyper-conglomeration had come to its end. In its stead, a loosely connected but still united series of external represenations of various facets of the self would emerge.

And thus we find ourselves here, erasing this particular paragraph and replacing it with something antonymical on the surface, but harmonious at the core.

Here, on this page, I have collected links, mirrors, and hosting to my various creative endeavors that fall under the auspices of the Khulszarimm Inquiry. Other works will not be shared here, as they do not fit within the motives driving this particular creative impule. They have their own spaces, which are still known to people and are linked to me, but which deserve their own unique places in which they can thrive.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. There are many twists and curves ahead, but joy in life is found from taking new input and fueling constant changing of the self.

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