I am not a photographer. I like taking pictures. I have always liked taking pictures. When I was approximately 15, I got a cheap little "spy" camera from the store. I took my little camera with me and walked around my small town, taking pictures of "cool" cars.

As I entered college and started studying journalism, I wanted to document everything. I carried a tape recorder, notebook, and camera with me everywhere. Believe you me, I used the heck out of my camera.

Local fairs? Took pictures.

Anime conventions? Took pictures.

Family vacations? Took pictures.

Walking down random alleys? Took pictures.

Notable weather phenomenon? Took pictures.

I hadn't even considered collecting some of my notable photographs until early 2021, when I dropped a decent picture in reply to a Twitter converation regarding the subject of the photo (a mushroom). I realized it was a really good photo. Nice composition, gorgeous lighting, etc. I don't normally pay attention to these things. I just spam the shutter. I also tend to get anxiety when photographing random things in daily life because of the awkward looks people give me. I'm going to put intention into changing both those things going forward.

This page will serve as a place to both upload my photos and link to my posts of them on Instagram. I have some personal criteria for what ends up here that I won't delve into, but let me just say that for the initial batch of photos, I only selected 0.008 of all my photos (pets, food, and selfies not included) from the past decade.

I hope you enjoy them. These are my eyesight captured in digital form.


Nature Walk, October 24th, 2021

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